Why do you need SEO?

No matter how great whatever you are offering is, if you do not get the chance to present it to your target market, it’s like it doesn’t even exist. So to put that in context, SEO is something that you will have to understand even just on the most basic level if you really want to reach your customers.

The basic definition of SEO:

seoIt is an organic or non-paid internet marketing tool that focuses on positioning a specific website on the first page of a search engine result. The ranking of webpages displayed are based on relevance to the queries of the users which heavily relies on keywords. The structure of the site also determines how the search engine classifies information and it directly contributes as to whether it will be identified as relevant or not to what the users are looking for.

Technology has never been more fast-paced than it is right now. In a blink of an eye a new breakthrough sweeps the world off its feet and one minute later, another one comes in. The advent of SEO has quickly penetrated the internet marketing world that it has not been popular enough to be appreciated beyond its technicality.

When people talk about SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is keyword or web traffic. Although these two are both integral parts of SEO, it goes beyond a few words and phrases typed in search engines to attract more people to a site. SEO is a holistic approach in reaching your target market because it encompasses both the technical and the body – it is a marketing tool that propels you to the top.

All companies know that sales, profit and revenue are always the determining factors whether or not promotional efforts work. However, these are very fundamental identifiers of marketing success. In a closer look, building a relationship with your target market requires more work, time and resources than most people realize. This relationship can be initiated by the brand in a number of different strategies but always with one constant requirement: credibility.

online marketingMoreover, when it comes to building credibility, first impressions really last. Traditionally, you cannot fix how you are perceived during first meetings but luckily, in the world of SEO, you can. Appearing on the first page of a search engine result instantly makes you credible for most users provided that you use the correct keywords and provided you write quality content. But for the most part, if you do SEO well enough, it can establish you as a brand that your target market can trust.

Traditional marketing requires extensive market research in order to know valuable information that will help in the decision making for promotional campaigns and what approaches to use. With SEO, instant marketing research data is gathered simply through keyword analysis. It provides an overview on how users search for a specific product or service as well as for competitors and related content. It provides an ample amount of information through advanced search engine tools readily available. SEO will not only help you reach your target market, but will also help you know more about them so you can constantly retool your campaign for maximized results.

SEO has more benefits to a brand than what is discussed in this article. You can browse the web for more information and mostly, you will find that SEO is an investment rather than a cost. It is a crucial component on your whole marketing mix as a brand and focusing on it will not only help you reach your target market but it will also allow you to see different industry perspectives that you will not normally look at if you are not engaged with an SEO plan. Search engine optimization has changed the marketing world forever. It is up to you on how you will capitalize on this tool and use it to your advantage.

Simple Reasons To Keep Your SEO Company For The Long Haul

When hiring a good SEO company, you will start to see serious changes in the way your internet marketing delivers. You’ll find that the costs will definitely be minimal in comparison to the return on investment that you receive. Some business owners see the rise in success, then read a news or blog post that says SEO lasts for a long time, and will fire their optimization company as a result. There are a lot of myths that come alongside internet marketing, and one of them is the notion that once in place, you don’t need to do anything. Many companies assume that if you work on something for months on end, that eventually there is an end date. That’s not true with internet marketing, because there’s always someone else that is going to try to outdo what you’re doing, and that requires constant work.

The Myth of The End

seoWhen you have a SEO company working on your marketing, you have essentially purchased a perpetual motion machine of promotional consideration. As long as you have them on the payroll, they will need to keep moving, and that is never going to stop. If they say that there is a “stop” point, be careful. There is no end to search engine optimization, it’s every evolving, ever changing, and could be derailed at any moment.

Google’s notorious for killing the efforts of many entrepreneurs, especially those that cut corners. In the past few months, many websites were hit hard with updates to the search algorithm. The focus was on spam backlinks, and article marketing. Anyone that had worked with this framework, saw huge drops in their influence online. This proved catastrophic for some websites, and they’ve yet to recover. This is an example of why you don’t fire your SEO company.

The Consumer Gets Smarter

If the search companies aren’t derailing your efforts, the consumer at large will do so. Consumers doing searches online are getting more and more specific with their queries. Which means that as your gain leverage in the marketing game, you will need to narrow down your keywords to exact sentences, phrases and more. This constant narrowing makes it harder and harder for competition to remain steady. You could constantly fight on your own, trying to figure out the next phrase that is going to hit big, or you could let someone else worry about the math and other elements involved with outsmarting the consumer.

Other Options Cost Way More

seDollar for dollar, hiring a good SEO company and sticking with them is far less expensive than having to enter the world of search engine marketing alone. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars in CPC ads or you could break that in half, or even 1/3 and get the same type of traffic generation. The cost break down will always favor hiring someone to do SEO over purely working with advertising in the traditional sense. Even if you were paying 1 cent per click through, the sheer numbers involved would cripple your financial future.

All in all, it’s important to realize that the relationship of an internet marketing professional and client is meant to last a long time. The caveat here is that results are mandatory. If you find that your SEO company is not delivering on the promise of rank, traffic, conversions, and other criteria, it’s time to let them go. Never pay for anything long term, if it doesn’t deliver on the goods. It’s easy to spend a fortune trying to get people to notice your site. Especially when you’re trying to do it all on your own. It’s best to leave this type of work to a professional service.

Tips To Find Legitimate SEO Companies

As the information age gradually continues to develop, SEO slowly and steadily became a great source of income especially for those not living within the United States and UK. Furthermore, the lack of governing body makes it hard to create quality guidelines to standardize SEO techniques. As a result, shady SEO companies and make-believe experts have popped up claiming to provide top-notch services. This exodus burned a lot of business owners and made them sceptical about the craft – they now say that SEO is nothing but a way to steal money from them.

SEO companiesThe truth is SEO works wonders. It improves visibility in organic search and is even proven to have the highest Returns on Investment of any online marketing technique. True enough, the best SEO firm can take a shoddily made website and turn it into a money-making machine in as quick as 6 months.

The purpose of this article is to help business owners find legitimate agencies by showing 5 signs that a company is the real deal and 5 signals that raise notorious red flags.

5 Tips to Find the Best SEO firm

1. Transparency –

Transparency is always the key to any successful professional relationship. Why? Simply because people don’t want something shady being done behind their backs. However, the abundance of so-called “experts” that likes to keep things in the dark leave people skeptical of SEO.

If a company is the real deal, they simply have nothing to hide. The best way to find if a company is transparent is to ask how they go about reporting their campaigns. Do they send ranking reports? How about traffic and link reports? A business is in good hands if the company tells its clients anything and everything about each SEO campaign.

2. Proven Track Record –

Great SEO companies keep clients satisfied. Track record legitimizes them as an agency; it makes business owners realize that they are not some fly-by-night company preying on the unsuspecting.

What business owners can do is to ask for a list of clients, call them, and ask for feedback. Their answers will be a sign of how they treat their customers. Another option is to simply ask for a portfolio from search optimization firms.

3. The Price is Right –

Top SEO companies know how to price their services in such a way that people will see their inherent value and the reason why they are priced that way. These top dogs also usually give a quote for their services and not offer fixed-price packages.

To give a pricing benchmark, hourly SEO costs $76-$200 per hour, while pricing by project commonly ranges from $1,000 to $7,500. This data comes from a survey conducted by a popular SEO website.

4. They Know Their Stuff –

It is a given that a good company must be knowledgeable about SEO. A blog will show how much the company knows their craft and is a good way to see if they are exerting effort to get in touch with the community as well.

To further gauge their competency, business owners should not hesitate to ask questions like “how do you perform link building?” or “what do you do if my website is penalized?” These are sure-fire ways to separate the good seeds from the bad ones.

5. Reasonable Timeline –

Beyond link building and outreach, SEO is merely a numbers game and it takes 6 months give or takes to rank on the first page of search engines. Top SEO companies know this so they will give business owners a reasonable timeline of around 6 to 8 months.

5 Things to Watch Out For

1. They offer a set amount of links to be built –

Companies that offer this type of SEO service are probably doing grey hat or black hat SEO or they simply don’t know their stuff. If 20 links are built every month, will 120 links rank a website on the first page after 6 months? It is not about the number of links created but the results that separate great companies from the bogus ones.

2. Overpromises –

These are your typical “first page in 3 weeks!” Some even go the extra mile and use buzz words like “total Google domination”, “ultimate SEO”, or “most-powerful links”. Chances are, these companies are only out there to lure gullible business owners and steal their money.

3. Weird pricing –

Sometimes, fake SEOs increase their prices way too high to seem like they are offering high-end services. Others go the opposite route and offer super cheap services to entice people to buy. When it comes to SEO, it’s not the price, but the value of the service itself. How does a search optimization firm rank a website for $100? What does a specialist do to a campaign when he or she asks for $5,000? These are important points to ponder before making the final decision.

4. They don’t want to talk on the phone –

These fake search optimization specialists are scared that people will ask them so many questions they can’t answer so what they do is say they only chat. They do this so they can easily plan their replies accordingly.


These 5 tips to find the perfect search optimization firm and 4 things to watch out for will save business owners money, time, and potential headaches. One must keep all these things in mind whenever scouting for a company.

The SEO FAQ Rundown

SEO FAQSEO has been used by websites even before social media became a legit term. For so many years, many websites relied on this internet marketing strategy for their ranking needs simply because search engine algorithms favored keywords too much.

Today, the whole SEO landscape has already evolved, now with higher standards and stricter guidelines that when not met can result to penalization and blacklisting. If you still have this vague concept of modern SEO, this FAQ rundown will help you understand the things that need proper attention.

1. Do keywords still matter in SEO?

Yes, they still do, but not in a way that they did in the past. Keywords used to matter, and that’s it. It did not matter if you stuff or spam your website with keywords everywhere. For as long as they matched the searched keywords, your website and pages would rank.

However, keyword stuffing and spamming have already been flagged by search engines, so keywords will only matter if they are completely relevant to the entire post, website content and niche you belong to.

2. Do you still need to calculate keyword density for keyword placement?

No. It is all in the past. For a fact, high keyword density that does not naturally align with the entire article and website (i.e. the use of unnecessary repetition of keywords or keywords that are not connected to the website’s niche) can hurt your online reputation. Other than that, keyword density no longer makes sense to search engines.

3. Can you just pay search engines to index you?

Yes. You can pay for indexing, but not for ranking. You will be identified as a “sponsored link” or “paid advertisement.” You will still appear on search engine pages, but only on a dedicated corner and not within the SERP.

4. Is it better to publish a longer article?

If you mean to ask if longer article is better than short, the answer is yes. Very short contents (shorter than 300 words) are considered as duplicate contents and very low-quality pages by search engine crawlers. However, longer articles might not help that much as well if they will not receive good reception from internet users, and they will not receive high relevance rating from search engines (that is why it is important to be consistent with your niche).

It is better to publish an average-length article (preferably from 500 to 1000 words) that can attract discussion through the reply thread (this is an excellent way to earn high social media reputation).

5. Should you place links within your article?

If you are referring to anchor texts that will make internal navigation for your readers easier, the answer is yes. However, if you are referring to inbound links and reciprocal links for other websites, the answer will depend on why you place those links in the first place.

Anchor texts are important for search engine crawlers to identify what the linked-to pages are all about. They will determine the relevance, and if they turn out to be justifiable, your relevance rating will go up. Placing resource links will also help you if the links really are what you say they are (as resources, plain and simple!).

However, if you will place reciprocal links for the sake of an exchange deal that does not really have connection to your and the other website’s contents and niche, your online reputation will just suffer.

For example, you cannot just place a link of Home Depot to your article even if you are talking about asthma attacks. More so, you cannot put links of websites belonging to the marketing niche if you belong to the health industry. Search engines will just dismiss irrelevant links as spams.